Hartley Chemist Hartley Chemist Hartley Chemist
Serving the community since 1947

1219 Amsterdam Ave
New York, NY 10027


Mon-Fri 9 am - 7 pm
Sat 9 am - 5 pm

116th St & Broadway-Columbia Univ (1)
116th St & Fredrick Douglas Blvd (B, C)
125th St & Fredrick Douglas Blvd (A, C, B, D)

Amsterdam Av (M11, M60)
Broadway (M4, M60, M104)
125th St (Br15, M60, M100, M101)

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Conveniently located on the Columbia campus, Hartley Chemist (also known as Hartley Pharmacy) is a full service pharmacy with an on premise pharmacist during all open hours. We focus on the needs of the customer and we strive to provide the best service that only a private and independently owned pharmacy can offer.

What some of our customer's have to say:

Hartley Pharmacy has friendly service and their prices rival any major pharmacy chain. This is a neighborhood staple
Allison B

Yaaaaayy for Hartley Pharmacists! They've accomplished something that Duane Reade, Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Longs (oh wait, that's only in CA) and other drug stores will never accomplish. They are friendly, informative, and they very quickly remember your name. There's one woman in particular who is almost always working, and she is so wonderful. Such a pleasant experience, and never any mix-up of medications.
Hayley A. - Manhattan, NY

This place could not be more convenient for the Columbia community. The pharmacist is personable and friendly, to boot.
Ashley D. - New York, NY

I agree with everyone's comments! While at Columbia, I tried the surrounding Rite Aids and Duane Reades and was consistently annoyed and angered by slow and incompetent employees. I finally found Hartley on a friend's recommendation and have always had nothing less than excellent service.

I have at least 4 chain pharmacies within 2 blocks of my apartment and I still walked the 10+ blocks in the cold, with a sinus infection to get my meds from Hartley.
Dana C. - New York, NY

The pharmacist here is so incredibly helpful - she has talked on the phone to my insurance and my doctors on my behalf dozens of times, without getting annoyed and without even needing a reminder. She knows your name when you walk in, and gives completely useful advice. Even after I move out of Morningside Heights, I think it will be worth the trip.
Laura Z. - Brooklyn, NY

I live in New Jersey now and STILL go to this pharmacy! When I first moved to New York I went to several different pharmacies and experienced various degrees of rudeness, slowness, and general incompetence. Then I found this one, and it's top notch by any standards. Tao is great -- she will even offer to call your insurance company on your behalf if they are refusing to fill a prescription or if you're going away on a trip or whatever. Everyone in the store is very friendly and they're FAST. No line and 20 minutes to fill a prescription -- in New York? Maybe I shouldn't be telling people about this place!
Maria B. - New Orleans, LA